Google Enables Instant for Google Places

Google announced in its Google Blog that Instant has been launched for Google Places.

This is available when you do a search on google and then click on the left side nav “Places”. Type the query in the search box and Google Instant will predict and auto fill. Google will show places and maps results that will update as the query is typed.

Example for “personal injury lawyer”:

What Is Google Boost?

Google Boost is a new online advertising product that Google is offering.

Google Boost allows business owners to create ads directly from their Google Places account. These ads will appear in the Sponsored Links area of and in the results page.

Google’s objective is to make it easier for local business owners by offering an automated solution to place the ads. The only requisite is to have a Google Places account with your business claimed.

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Google Maps Tests Sponsored Icons In US

Google announced the beta of “Sponsored Map Icons” in the US.

Sponsored Map Icons began as a pilot program in Australia in March this year.

Sponsored Map icons are specific brand icons that will replace the generic ones Google used to show. The goal is to help users locate a specific brand they’re familiar with.

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Google Places Showing Pictures in a Streamlined Way

Google announced on the Lat-Long Blog that images that have been added at the Places page by the owner or via Panoramio are now viewable in a streamline mode:

“Today, we’re offering you a better, more streamlined way to view these photos. With this new feature, you can easily flip through a whole collection of photos and find the sites on the web that have relevant pictures of a given place. Photos that have been uploaded by our Panoramio or Google Places users will appear in high-resolution as an overlay when users click on them. For photos from other sources, you can easily click on a specific photo to see more and visit the site it comes from.”

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